We offer safe and cost effective microbial products for a variety of industries.

        Land contamination.

        Agricultural industry solutions.

        Water solutions: Ponds and lagoons.

        Home and garden products.

        Waste odor management.  Manure management

        Specially engineered formulas for the Petroleum Industry.

We strive to protect the environment through Heartland Microbes products and services for farms, domestic and industry in need of natural solutions.

Combining many years of combined experience in the farming, agricultural industry, petroleum and chemical industry, our team can bring you the results you need.   Our formulators practice on going research and development of our microbes to constantly improve and update Heartland Microbes.

Anaerobic microbes digest waste solids very slowly leading to the buildup of solids and pungent toxic gasses in the pits and lagoons.  This reduces the efficiency of waste management systems.

The anaerobic digestion of animal waste can be changed to aerobic digestion by proper application of Heartland Microbes into the affluent stream of animal wasted systems.  Heartland Microbes contains a very broad and diverse population of beneficial aerobic microbes in a highly concentrated form.  Aerobics require an oxygen-containing environment.  If aerobic microbes are introduced into an environment that is lacking oxygen they will begin to build oxygen into this environment as long as they survive and reproduce.

Heartland Microbes
The Natural Formula For Cleaning Up Our Environment
And Increasing Productivity
Heartland Microbes
Gods Miracle In Nature to
Restore The Natural Beauty of Nature!

Due to the on going growth of the business, the EPA has contacted us and as there are some people that do not understand how the microbes work, we must now remove any and all pesticidal claims, and that is the reason some of the pages will not be shown. Because the microbes remove something naturally they want the products registered as a pesticide and that is not what Microbes are.  There are 2 reasons this will not happen, #1 Microbes are NOT a chemical pesticide and #2 we will not pay many thousands of dollars per product to register them when there is nothing to register because they are not a pesticide!